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Downtown Fort Worth, Texas

It's not just about Market Access.

It's about building a successful agency.

your future starts here.

access carriers

without breaking the bank.

It takes time & money to own an agency. Our program allows you to estimate the cost of doing business in the most simple and predictable way possible.

Grow your independent agency the smart way.

Don't let the big-name MGA's & franchise groups fool you. The truth is, you don't have to pay big bucks or sign a questionable contract just to kickstart your independent agency. We've made it easier than ever to obtain carrier access and support through our unique, fee-based program.

Exclusive Access

To business-building resources.

Do you love our content & want more? Explore our Resources page for more independent agency owner content!


Partner Agencies





Profit Sharing Bonus

profit sharing

You can have a piece of this, too.












Total amount of profit sharing dollars distributed to ISG United members Since 2018


All the benefits

none of the b.s.

No upfront fees

True ownership for each member agency

No commission splits business model

Profit sharing bonuses for all

No agency name requirements

Transparency from the top

What our members say


Prospective Member Agent

I found our discussion very informative and thought-provoking, and I appreciate the time you took to share the details about the different programs you have available. Your insight and perspective have given me a few things to think about, and I look forward to exploring the business plan in more detail. 


...I am looking at a bonus check early next year... something that would have taken a long time to build up to without them...


...I come from a captive background and have always been afraid to make the jump to independent. ISG has great carrier representation and they helped me every step of the way with my transition...You will not regret it.

Member Agent

Former Allstate Agent

your search is finally over

Achieve the freedom & flexibility that you deserve.


Contact us today to schedule a no-pressure consultation with the Director of our program...not just some recruiter. We'd love to hear your story and help you evaluate if a partnership with our group would benefit your agency.

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch shortly.

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