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ISG United
Franchises/Cluster Groups/MGA's
No upfront fees
Large upfront fees
$5k - 60k just to start...yikes!
Profit sharing bonus opportunities for ALL
(up to 75%)
Maintain 100% ownership of your agency
No profit sharing bonuses 
Pay large fees to leave OR forced to sell back to the group
Keep ALL of your hard-earned commissions
Pay 25-50% cut of your commissions
Open contract
No non-compete clauses
Forced non-compete & can't sell carriers outside of the group

Maintain Ownership of Your agency.

We understand that ownership is important. You work hard to build a book of business and thus a ‘nest egg’ for the future. YOU did that hard work, and YOU should be the one that truly benefits from selling your business someday.

Retain 100% of carrier commissions, No splits.

Many groups split commissions. At first glance, this may look like an easy way to start building an independent agency. However, if you are committed to being an agent full time, this arrangement gets expensive quickly. Check out our comparison chart on commission split versus monthly fee program.

more standard carriers with guidance from our team.

It has become increasingly difficult to gain access to competitive products. We maintain relationships with many of the best carriers in the business and will help guide you to those that will fit your business and help you grow.

Participate in annual profit sharing bonuses.

Many networks or groups don't allow their partner agencies to participate in annual bonuses from carriers. At ISG United, we feel this practice is not consistent with a true partnership. We share the annual bonuses with our partner agencies that have contributed premium to the carrier awarding the bonus.

Commercial lines & Life insurance help if you need it.

Many programs neglect this area of support for growing agencies. We know that life insurance and commercial lines opportunities can add to the profitability of an agency. Our goal is to provide you with choices on how to integrate these services into your agency to help increase your reveues.

Take advantage of being part of a larger organization and get great discounts for EZ Lynx, Salesforce, & e-signature programs. Many of our partner agents save enough on the technology cost through our program to pay for being part of our group!

discounted rates On Software Programs.

Our experienced team has worked diligently to create a predictable, fixed-cost program to help you grow and maintain a successful independent insurance agency. The experience we gained while being part of both captive and independent agency programs has allowed us to streamline our organization and focus on program aspects that matter most.

predictable. simple.

That's the united way.

Happy Businessman
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